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Friend: Did you hear about that crime alert where some girls randomly decided to take off their clothes and take a bath in the school fountain? I think they were drunk or something. And then some people came by and stole their clothes and some guy groped one of the girls' butts.
Me: Yeah, I heard about that. 
Friend: They made that a Sex Assault crime. Can you believe that? What did you expect, taking off your clothes and playing in the fountain? They were asking for it.

I'm sorry, this type of thinking needs to stop right now. Both parties were being dumb, but no one has the right to treat another person as a sexual object without their consent.
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Apparently my supervisor is extending my contract to the end of summer. So now I don't have to beg for a job at the local bubble tea shop or battery lab. I mean, I still could. But now I can pay rent.


Goal for the summer: write a goddamn paper and get it publish. HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM CREDENTIALS

I might try for that third job actually. Need to pay tuition next year because I stupidly forgot to file for financial aid. Thinking of just taking one class instead of two (though I might sit in for the second class). Of course, this may mean a seven day work week. Unless I just give myself a day off. Which I might be able to do. If not... well, I guess I won't have a life. But what else is new?


Forgot to say - the GSO concert was kickass. The courtyard was completely packed. :O I don't think we've ever turned out that big of a crowd in CSPAC. I think some news channel was there 'cause something important was interviewing Kira. Instrumental/vocal balance was terrible, but that just meant we could all just blast away (except for the brass). Also - impromptu Baba Yetu acapella while sitting on the steps outside the museum to take our group picture. FUCK YEAH.

Also, the composer of the Journey soundtrack was there. Tee hee.
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In case anyone (ie. Laura) was wondering what's been going on with the girl that does Hyperbole and a Half: Hurray for Reddit!

So I was thinking, Silent Hill medley for a small ensemble for GSO next semester? I had the thought of starting with something from the first game (not sure what yet, but it should be nostalgic), then mixing Promise with a bit of I Want Love, and then ending the whole thing with Room of Angels. Or something like that. It should be hardcore. I need Sybelleus.

We will probably need: our guitar section, Eden, piano, violin, cello (I want a cello in Room of Angels dammit), and at least two female vocalists.


Guys guys we should do this

and then after that, Assassin's Creed.

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Goals for Summer:

- Get through at least Arc 2 of Kay's story.
- Finish Bailey's and Evan's short story.
- Read entire Giancoli Physics textbook.
- Find another job.
- Get a new sundress.
- Finish Assassin's Creed 2. And then play Brotherhood and Revelations.
- Make a book list. READ IT.
- Find an apartment.
- Live in apartment.
- Buy furniture.
- Buy Eric alcohol.
- For that matter, find another job for fall. (Unless you score one at Flexel, which would be both hilarious and sad.)
- Get Driver's License. This may involve bribing asking Eric to let you drive around.
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So apparently my internship supervisor is changing affiliations at the end of next month, so he's basically packing up and leaving the school. And he says he doesn't know if he'll be able to support me afterwards because he's taking all his grants with him.

Lesigh. Someone once told me, regarding a career in astronomy: don't plan for more than eight months.

So I need another job.